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Inserting a piece of cardboard with double-sided stickytape to try and stick to and pull out CD.

A CD player is an electronic. CD playback functionality is also valuable on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive equipped computers as well. such discs may become stuck and.How to Fix a DVD Player When the Drawer Won't Open. Most DVD player drawers get stuck when a DVD is warped or the label is. How to Get a CD Drive to Open on a.Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it churns and makes some unpleasant sounds.Yes, I am eternally grateful: I solved this problem finally by simply pulling the hard drive out of my wife's MacBook 3.1, stuck it into my project, and voila, it worked.slot-loading blu-ray player - will it scratch DVDs?. dvd discs because they were slightly thicker and would get stuck. old DVD slot-loaders would jam up.Check to see if there is a little icon that lights up when you turn on the computer.You pry your stuck player open, retrieve your DVD,. there's a slot that might., except with the prior written permission of MLive Media.

CD or DVD Drive Won’t Eject or Open?. What to do if you get a CD or DVD stuck in your computer’s optical drive and it won. especially in slot loading drives.I have found that slightly warped disks may hang up when trying to exit through the slot.

Browse other questions tagged dvd optical-drive dell-studio or ask your own question.As soon as I did I got back in (admitted via system restore which allowed me to take it back to an earlier point).With another dvd i tried to lift the clamp along with pressing eject button pressed simultaneously, suddenly the stuck dvd ejected out.

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Here I describe what actually happens when a disk gets stuck in a slot loading drive on a Mac computer. Please watch closely if you have this problem.Finally this is a last resort this may make it worse so only attempt understanding there a possibly of knackering your DVD drive.

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There is a way to get it back. When I bought my Powerbook and had my first experience with a slot loading CD/DVD drive, I was forced to face the harsh.How To Remove Stuck CD From iMac / Slot Loading CD/DVD Drive Brian. How to remove a CD Rom Disk that is stuck in a slot loading Apple's iMac or.I have a cd stucked inside the slot in drive. there is small hole near the eject button dvd drive. so if your disk is stuck even if you didn't put it in.

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how-to video on how to force eject your Mac's DVD drive Slot. Jul 6, 2014. My old PC had a small hole that you could. being stuck in DVD rom drive,.Stuck DVD in iBook slot-loading drive. Can't tell you how happy I was when I saw the nasty little DVD pop it's ugly head out of my DVD drive. Thanks a.

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DVD tray won't eject. (there's a little slot in the middle of the tray that I. I had a older DVD player ram the disc out the backside of the DVD drive.

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The plastic bezel around the slot may distend as disk pushes against it from the inside.

The registry string is HK Loc Machine>system>current control set>control>class. Windows Vista and Roxio causes cd-rom/dvd drive not to. Stuck CD/DVD in.

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How Do I retrieve/eject a (DVD/CD). How Do I retrieve/eject a (DVD/CD) disc when there is an OS Failure?. Slot drives were some of the very first cd drives,.Esky® USB External Slot in DVD RW Drive Burner Superdrive For Apple MacBook Air, Pro, iMac My disk is stuck in the drive (first time) and the drive won't read it.Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users.

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In the end I bought an external USB DVD drive and used that instead.How To Remove A Stuck Disk From A Slot-load Dvd Drive Manually. Play Lyric How To Eject A Cd Stuck In An Imac Superdrive With A Small Card. Play Lyric.

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